The Sourire team

In southern Gaza, the Sourire team continues to provide emotional release activities for children during the war. Clown shows, performances

BDS event

Our Yaffa association had the privilege of taking part in yesterday's BDS event. An unforgettable moment in the presence of special guests such as Omar Alsoumi from Paris

"Embroidery for Gaza

"Embroidery for Gaza", a project initiated by Anaïs, with proceeds going to Yaffa. Orders can be placed directly on her instagram page

Shoe distribution

Our team on the ground buys shoes for children from the most vulnerable families in southern Gaza. Even in the heart

New bombardment in Rafah

New bombardment in the center of Rafah, the area declared safe for the population. Our team on our emergency aid program, financed by the

Vegetable distribution

We share with you the work done on site. The team works with farmers in Gaza, which gives us direct access to the vegetables.

The work of our on-site team

In the current situation, we prefer to hide the faces of the people photographed to preserve their dignity. Our team is mobilizing to collect food there

Exhibition at Uni-Mail

Today, we had the honor of presenting the work of our association as part of the magnificent "Palestine entre Histoire et Actualité" exhibition.

Event in Annecy

The President and Vice-President of Yaffa were the guests of the young people of the cultural association of the Bosnians of Annecy and Echo of Bosnia, this

Article in Le Courrier

On October 18, 2023, our Chairman and Vice-Chairwoman were interviewed for Le Courrier. You can read the article here:  

Call for donations

Gaza has suffered a sixth war since 2008, with no chance of recovery given the almost total land, sea and air blockade.

Our NGO's position on current events

On October 7, 2023, Palestinian armed forces launched an unprecedented offensive on Israel, killing over 700 people, many of them civilians.

New training for our team

Our association provided the Sourire à Gaza team with training in office software and other important tools for their work, such as

Thank-you outing for our team

On July 2, our Yaffa association treated the Sourire team to an outing to thank them for their splendid work, and to consolidate the

Our summer program has begun!

The summer program has resumed in the streets of Gaza's poor neighborhoods. Every day, hundreds of children and their parents enjoy the good

A secretary for Yaffa

We are delighted to welcome Maria Alejandra Ramelli to our team as secretary of the association. As a law student at the University of Geneva, she was able to

Thanks from Al Tofah crèche

On June 15, 2023, the joint teams of the Yaffa Association and the Sama Jafra Center received an award for their work within